I’m Checking My List

I took a personality test the other day — I was looking for a personality gift finder — and I will spare you the details, but let’s just say it wasn’t complimentary. One thing it did reveal, I enjoy crossing tasks off my list and will work diligently to do this. This is true.

I keep hand-written lists at work and home. When I am very busy and there is a lot going on, it is truly the best method for me. As we wrap up this year at DDA, there is a lot going on. Today, Andrew is going out on-location to photograph employee head shots, and on Monday we are starting design and photography work for another company to create three banner stands for an upcoming trade show. This is in addition to  the few other projects that are just beginning, and several that are in the process of wrapping up.

A new website redesign, website development project with integrated video, a medical training CD-ROM, video production, graphic design work, website updates…it’s all happening at the same time.

So as I work on handling the requests coming in for custom programming and widgets, production of a safety video, CME development, and more, my lists provide me some comfort, and keep me on the ball when I need to be the most.