It Takes a DDA Village

I think I speak for a lot of people at DDA when I say, my co-workers are my greatest asset.

Because everything here relies so heavily on a mix of media and the skills of the many departments, it’s nearly impossible to work in a vacuum. I often call upon so many of the professionals here for input and insight into their particular fields. Laurence for video production, Carrie and Judy for design, Amy, my custom programming goddess, and Crystal, who God love her, not only has the challenge of keeping her extremely busy self organized, but needs to constantly keep me in order.

And of course, my fellow copywriters. Look, it’s tricky being a writer sometimes, there are more rules to remember than at summer camp. Which version of premier do I want, affect and effect, and don’t even getting me started on lay, laid, and lain. Your brain can only take so much, so sometimes if you are just not sure, you turn to another writer, and say “What was that rule again?”

I know that many other’s here rely on each other just as much, and I like to think I help from time to time. It takes a village to raise a child and at DDA it takes a village to search engine optimize, develop and design a website, produce a video, and create an eLearning training tool.