Keyword Research — An Important Step in SEO and Website Development

An important piece to search engine optimization, specifically content development, is keyword research.

It’s the first step in any project that involve search engine optmized content and in many cases, a step taken before a proposal is even developed.

Today, we are working on keyword research for a content enhancement project we are doing for a new client,  and on research for a website development and design project we are quoting for a start-up medical company.

For the content enhancement, the existing client wanted to increase search engine rankings for a certain term. As we know what it takes to get the results our clients are looking for, we knew content was an important piece of this. We also knew when the client sent in the initial keywords for us to use as a base, that they weren’t going to get them far. The problem is the term used alone, applies to a completely different industry. So, number one, this client would be competing against a ton of companies that offer a completely different service, and number two, people searching for that term would most likely not be looking for the type of work our client provides.

As an example, for a company who maks birthday cakes for pets, it would be unwise to target just the term “birthday cakes.” Besides the intense competition of this word, you are also not targeting the audience you are looking for. Adding qualifying words, like pets, dogs, cats, and other descriptors not only narrows the field of competition, it’s honing in on those specific searchers and increasing the rate of conversions. A person searching for a 4-year-old boy’s birthday cake may be entertained by cakes tailored to dogs, but if they happen to get on your website, they are not going to purchase one.

So after an examination of the terms our client sent, we narrowed the search field by connecting those terms specifically to the services the client offers.

For the website development and design project, we will use the keyword research as a way to determine how large the site needs to be.  The more competitive the searches, the more content is needed.