Marching to the Beat of the DDA Drum

Yesterday, I was on the phone with another advertising agency that was looking for video production services for one of their clients.

When the call started out, the person mentioned that he had seen the video projects we have done one our website (most likely at DDA Video). He then immediately continued to say that as a fellow advertising agency, he knew we most likely outsourced all our work and did nothing in-house. I was quick to amend this statement and began rattling off the list of full, multimedia, interactive and traditional marketing and advertising services we offer, like medical and corporate website design and development, video production, copywriting, brochure development and design, custom programming, animation, and search engine marketing and optimization (SEM/SEO), among so much more

He was floored when I said “actually, it is all done in-house.”

DDA is an entity all its own. We are the local website development company, the search engine marketing firm, the video studio, the marketing and branding expert, and so much more all rolled into one. And as outsourcing not only becomes a well-known word, but well-accepted practice, we go against the grain yet again.

This concept can be difficult to get across to people who think they need to contract five different vendors just to complete one project.

Maybe this is why I work at DDA; I have always marched to the beat of my own drummer; when everyone else was doing one thing I was doing the other. It makes sense that I would now be working for a company that is unlike any other.