No Need for Dirty Tricks with Innovation

In the last weeks leading up to the election, it is all too common to hear people complain about the negative advertising saturating the television airwaves. It is overbearing, in-your-face, and just makes you feel crummy.

But here’s the thing that I know a lot of people do not want to hear or would argue — it works. That is why they do it. If it didn’t work, then poof there would go all of the negative ads. It’s like how people always say there’s nothing but horror stories and horrible tales on the television news. People like bad, horrible stories. I am sorry, but it is true. If they didn’t and it didn’t attract ratings, than poof there goes the bad news.

Sometimes things are done to attract people, at any cost, because that’s what it takes to reel them in. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. It’s important, especially when it comes to the search engine optimization and search engine marketing end of things, to know who your audience is, what the marketplace is like, and how to attract those people to you. With DDA, however, we have been able to create services that are incredibly innovative and interactive, aiming to engage people’s senses and short attention spans, hooking those audiences, without sacrificing our ethics.

Our videos, animations, illustrations, and print production work  engage audiences because they are good and creative, and speak right to that audience. It’s refreshing and unique and different than anything anyone has ever seen. On-location or in-studio video production, video editing, content development, eLearning tools, custom programming — if it’s always done in a way that separates it from the pack than you don’t need to subscribe to the dirty, worn-out tricks of advertising and marketing.

Maybe if enough people were leading innovation and not sticking to the old, tired mold, we wouldn’t have to see the negative ads and hear the horror-driven stories. That would suit me just fine.