Open and Upfront Marketing

The day before I embarked on a week-long vacation, I visited yet another college. I know, I’m getting sick of it too. This time was Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pa. It is now on the top of my younger sister’s list.

For the most part, these college visits are all the same, but there are some slight variations, and in certain cases, that can make all the difference. For Lycoming, that variation not only impressed me but it made me realize that other colleges had been lacking this component all along. That would be the one-on-one discussion with a college professor. Sounds like quite a simple tactic but before last week we had yet to be addressed by an actual professor, much less have the opportunity to lunch with one. Well, there was the head of the department at Alvernia, but this was different, much more personal. Not only did they have a speech from a member of the faculty, lunch was divided by department with representatives from each one there to field questions. It was that lunch that eased my sister’s concerns about the college supporting her major. Any doubts were immediately put to rest when the professor spoke of the concentration, classes, and internships she would have access to.

As I said, it wasn’t until it was presented to us that I realized it’d been missing all along. Now, I look back at the other visits and wonder what the reason was behind not having the same kind of representation.

The point is, your target audience is paying attention. They are exploring all options out there and keeping notes as to who is showing them the most info up front. Regardless of whether it’s for a medical practice, new medical device, or product of any type or style, marketing is crucial. It needs to be engaging, well-organized, and make a lasting impression. DDA’s full range of interactive and traditional marketing services makes it easy for you to find the best medium through which to target your audience. Video production, website design and development, interactive game development, and eLearning platforms, are all ways that you can present pertinent information and keep audiences updated and interested.

It’s a highly competitive market out there in all industries and if you’re lacking in one area, rest assured another company will fill the void. You want your target audience to feel comfortable and confident that you are right for them and not wondering why you chose to keep certain information or aspects of your company hidden from the public eye.