Preemptive Medical Marketing

We’ve now reached the time of year where my left hand is in constant danger. I made one fatal mistake this season. I did not instantly coat my hands with lotion the minute I sensed dryness. Now, I’m paying the price. No amount of lotion in the world seems to be soothing the now cracked skin, so the best I can do, is to apply lotion every 20 minutes or so for the next few weeks and hope that it will at least stop the physical pain. It could be worse I guess; I could have eczema like my sister.

Danger lurks around every corner and with each season comes a different set of possible complications. Now that we’re officially in winter, we not only have the flu and cold season to still contend with, we have the ice, snow, sleet, and really, really dry skin. This winter, protect your company or organization with advanced medical marketing services from DDA. We can add a level of fun and excitement to any project from website design and development to video production that will add some spice and get people to take notice.

Online training programs and comprehensive eLearning platforms are great ways to protect your institution in the future, by educating consumers or employees and increasing overall effectiveness  and performance. With incredibly interactive marketing and advertising services, like medical animations and video games, DDA can build exactly what you need to get results.

I wouldn’t think of us as lotion, because that’s weird, but we may help you avoid physical pain, and we can be used preemptively to avoid any uncomfortableness. So protect yourself this winter with DDA.