So Many Decisions

I cannot make decisions. Even when I do, they are never firm and just the whisper of a doubt from another is enough to have me rethinking it all over again. I consider this a handicap. The situation is made worse by the fact that my boyfriend suffers from the same affliction. Doing anything is a struggle, not to mention large-scale projects like renovating our bathroom.

Because of this problem I have, I do not envy our clients in any way. As part of our process for every project we do, we present each client with pieces of the project at each phase of development. For projects like website design and development, interactive CD-ROMs, brochures, logo development, and other print materials, it begins with multiple design choices. For custom programming, video production, and copywriting projects, including search engine optimized content, there are outlines, storyboards, plan breakdowns, site skeletons, and screen action shots for the client to review and revise. We want to provide our clients with as much opportunity for feedback and revisions as we possibly can and offer them as much control over development as they desire.

Put in the same position, I’m not too sure I would be able to make quick decisions when given several attractive designs from our talented graphics designers or a host of options for interactive video, website, or eLearning platform development, and then there’s the range in corporate and medical animations, from 2D to 3D, to Onlivemation, to whether or not to have lip syncing to so much more. I would go batty in the process.

Luckily, I’m not a client and I have a much easier time making decisions when it comes to other people so I can assist and aid in making sure everyone is getting exactly what they want, even if I never know exactly what it is I want.