The Growing DDA Medical

DDA Medical, our full-service medical division, accounts for more than 50% of all of the projects we do. In fact, it now accounts for the majority of inquiries from prospective clients on a daily basis.Developing medical websites, continued medical education (CME) development, eLearning training tools, medical illustrations, medical copy, and medical video production are a large part of what we do here everyday, and as we take on more work in the healthcare, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries, our capabilities grow and the level of interactivity and innovation is pushed even further.

Our new immersive environment CME and eLearning platforms put everything a user needs in one place, connected seamlessly so it becomes an experience, not just a training tool. They are watching a video or hearing an audio lecture while also seeing summarized bullet points and reading supplementary documentation and clicking on embedded links all at the exact same time. The result is a unique and wholly engaging experience that makes the user part of the experience, rather than an observer.

At DDA Medical, we have become well versed in creating websites and designs that not only capture the right audience but really reach out in the way that you want and need. We have and are working with companies who are just seeking FDA approval, or have just received it, are sanctioned by a government health agency, or are in emergency medicine or distribute medical devices, so we are familiar with the regulations and guidelines. Many of our websites, copy, interactive tools, and more, have been subject to multiple review boards to make sure all standards and guidelines are met, so we factor all of that into time for development. Our process is never to move to the next step before getting approval for the previous, so you never have to worry about something being produced without the proper authorization first.

Our full range of marketing and advertising services provide multiple solutions for companies in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and healthcare IT industries like for more efficient training, to better disseminate consumer and patient information, to help cut costs, and increase safety.