The Joy of Proposalhood

In two days, a client we have been working with collaboratively on drafting a proposal for a super-large project, will be submitting the final version for grant funding consideration. This has been a proposal many months in the making with much hard work on both ends, and now it’s in some else’s hands to decide if it will ever come to fruition.

The funniest part is, after making the last changes requested of us and receiving word that it’s ready to go, I had the same feeling that I do when a project is complete, relief and happiness. Except in this case, the project hasn’t even begun.

Thus are the trials and tribulations of proposal work. I do not have children but I imagine there are similar feelings as a mother — a lot of hard work with the prospect of never getting anything in return.  But much like motherhood, from what I can gather, those times that you do receive validation or when a proposal is accepted and grows into a fully-completed project able to stand on its own, are well worth it.

Like the tradeshow graphic for a haircare company that made its debut at a Las Vegas show, or the dazzling logo now featured on a storefront right around the corner, or the websites that are just in the crawling stages, some of which are ready to roll.

So now, as in the past, comes the waiting. Only this time, it’s about 100 times the typical angst, as this is a big one. But just think what a beautiful full-grown project it will someday hopefully turn into.