The Little Things

In Project Coordination, a lot of times it comes down to the little things.

With any project here at DDA, there are multiple people and departments involved.  For instance, let’s look at a CD-ROM project of mine. I am involved as a writer (the scripts) and as the Coordinator of course, then you have the website development team (just to oversee), a programmer, a graphic designer, and the video department. It’s quite the party.

With everyone working on their respective pieces — the programmers making sure the functionality is just right, the designer making sure the look is just right, and the video department making sure the video production and narration is just right — it usually falls in the project coordinator’s lap to make sure all of the pieces are being sewn together.

Oftentimes it’s the minor little details that can make all the difference, like remembering that there needs to be a certain menu tab, or the color should be green, or the wording is off just a bit. Because of our process, in every project we do whether we are showing design concepts or fully developed CRMs or Intranets, the client is never surprised and always gets want they want because they’ve been approving it at each step, so if something is not perfect the first pass, it’s not the end of the world.

Even still, we pride ourselves on always exceeding expectations, so the project coordinators work extra hard to make sure those little details and all of the client’s concerns and suggestions are accounted for.