The Marketing North Pole

I’m sure I am not the first to write about this today, but the thing about me is, I hate the cold. I believe that if the forecaster says “It will be numbingly cold in the morning,” and the digital thermometer on your car reads 9 degrees and the broadcaster on NPR says the wind chill has dipped down as low as 16 below, then you should stay in your house. This is why I would never make it in the real North or even the Mid-West. I can barely survive the three to four meek winter months we get here.  My big toe finally just defrosted.

But unfortunately, staying in bed is not an option, and with the holidays only two days away, there is a lot to get done. I had a website development proposal to finish up today; three video scripts to write, a video production quote to examine, and some other requests.

Meanwhile, everyone else at DDA is busy wrapping up graphic design projects, print ads, tradeshow booths, websites, videos, training tools, and more. Hey, we’re like Santa’s elves. Only instead of rocking horses and little dolls we make custom animations and implement advanced search engine marketing (SEM) techniques.

There you go, DDA is like the North Pole of the marketing world. And trust me, it’s so cold out there, it feels like the North Pole.