The Return

One of the things with vacation, is the return and all the work associated with it.

Luckily, I have plenty of nervous energy and after eight hours in a car, stretching my legs was a necessity, so  the car was unpacked and everything in its place — save for the laundry of course — by the night of my return.

Now, it’s back to work after a week of exploring New England and it’s a bit different then some simple packing away of the luggage and camping gear.

Luckily, DDA runs one tight ship and the e-mails that came in during my absence have since been handled and settled. My fellow writer, Andrew, took the reigns with New Business Development, so not a request, whether it be video, website, or search engine optimization, was left behind.

Very good, as I can now set my sights on a very in depth proposal we’ve been workign on for quite some time, which encompasses all kinds of innovative technology, integrating website development, video production, and lots of programming.

I also have a sell sheet that needs my attention.

So, I’m back, but thanks to the help of my coworkers, so far, it’s been a smooth return.