The Story Side of Business

I think it’s my background in newspapers that makes me so interested in proposal work.

While there is a lot about the newspaper world I was happy to leave behind when coming to DDA, the interviewing aspect, and preliminary research into a story, was something I missed.

In doing New Business Development, I am able to experience a piece of this on a daily basis. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we take on all projects from web development, and graphic design to video production and animation, and for varying industries and purposes.

On the front end, this means initial research into a specific company or medical facility to find out who they are and what they do, preliminary questions to determine the type of project they are looking for and a conference call to hammer out all of the details of the project.

While all of this leads to marketing or advertising pieces, it’s not entirely different from what I used to do. In newspapers, people come to you because they have a story to tell or something noteworthy to share with others.

Whether it’s a small business or large corporation, the prospective clients who approach us also have a story to tell and something worthwhile to share. For some it’s a new medical breakthrough that could change the face of treatment, for others it’s the release of a product they have dedicated their whole lives to developing.

Regardless of the purpose, the project, or what they hope to achieve, it is the duty of the five full-time, degreed writers, to guide them through the initial process, to work with them as we at DDA try to determine what it is that will best help them share that story they have been waiting so long to tell.