The Straight Shooter

When it comes to writing copy, it can be very easy to fall into the same old marketing dribble. A spewing of sentences peppered with adjectives and promises of the “best ever,” or the “greatest around.” It’s important to hook audiences and get them interested and engaged in what you are writing about but it’s also important to keep it at a level that people are going to understand and identify with.

I have to pull myself back sometimes and really consider what it is I am writing about. Like writing from experience, I try to focus on the truths, the real benefits and advantages. When writing copy for DDA, getting carried away is all too easy. There is so much going on around here that I always find myself trying to invent even more descriptors to truly carry across what we do. It’s not as easy as one may think. Yes, DDA is a good product to write about in the sense that I don’t feel I am fooling anyone into buying anything that’s not good, but while true, “state-of-the-art video production studio” and “pushing the boundaries of innovation” seem sometimes too trite and not dynamic enough.

If I had to shoot it straight, I would probably say:

“Look. I think anyone with a half-brain can recognize that technology has taken over and people are demanding to do more with little. Look at cell phones — they are actually like 10 technologies in one, and how about how we listen to our music? We need everything quick, fast and able to go anywhere in a hurry. People don’t want to be bogged down with ‘No, it can’t do that.’ Just like how when I walk into a grocery store and expect them to sell every commodity I could ever want, people want it all at their fingertips.

“So why would advertising be any different? If someone wanders  on your website and sees the same old 1999-thing they see everywhere else, they’re going to form some opinions. They want instant feedback, instant answers to their questions, to know exactly where what they are looking for is in 2.5 seconds, and to never have to be told, no. If you want to succeed you need to provide exactly what your customer is demanding. DDA has all of that — custom programming, animation, website development and design, video production, and more. It just makes sense to me.”

OK, so maybe not as blunt but something like that.