The Tenacity of DDA

This morning I heard a great story on NPR, no surprises there. It was on the passing of medicare by President Lyndon B. Johnson in the mid-1960s. Among some of the highlights of the story, were recordings of Johnson discussing the proposal with key officials, including the late Senator Ted Kennedy and an oracle by Ronald Reagan during his bid for Governor of California. Reagan’s speech, among other things, referred to it as socialized medicine and contended that the passing of the bill would be a gateway to a socialist government in the U.S. Not unlike some of the same contentions we are hearing today.

But the real interesting thing to me was the way Johnson fought ruthlessly, devoting his time in office to the passing of the bill and used whatever tactics he had at his disposal to get the bill passed. Whether you agree with the system or not, I think you can still admire such tenacity.

At DDA we have tenacity too, and have since we opened our doors in 1994. We started with a belief that in order for companies in all industries to truly succeed they need every form of marketing and advertising service at their disposal. So DDA was created and now we offer a long list of traditional and interactive advertising and marketing services all developed in-house, under one roof.

We too use every tool available to us, as well as our ingenuity to constantly innovate new tools and advance our capabilities. Everything DDA offers including website design and development, video production, search engine marketing (SEM), animation, and eLearning platform development is an extension of our core beliefs and mission, as outlined in our Executive Summary.

Even in times when it’s not the most advantageous for us, DDA doesn’t sacrifice its beliefs but rather holds on to what we think is right and what will produce the best results for our clients. Maybe it’s not the same as talking one on one with Ted Kennedy, but we also take the time to explain the issues to our clients, as Johnson did to Kennedy, to help them better understand what they need to do to succeed.

Johnson is proof of what a little tenacity and ingenuity can do and one look at our main portfolio and you’ll see DDA is too.