World’s Worst Tour Guide

On Friday, as  I mentioned, was yet another college visit. This time it was to West Chester University. It was a beautiful campus, large, with quite a cute little town. It was my first time there and I enjoyed it, as did my younger sister.

Unfortunately, our tour guide really stank and had no clue what she was doing. That tour guide was no other than yours truly. Yes, instead of the guided tour with a look into all the dorm rooms and classroom buildings like we were supposed to have, we instead took a self-guided tour, which basically consisted of me looking at the wrong building half the time as I went on and on about its features. Only to have my younger sister point out that the building I was describing was actually across the street.

So why the mess up you ask? Was it the college? No. It was all due to the fact that my bright, college-bound younger sister scheduled us for a tour at a college of a similar name in Georgia.

So today’s lesson, paying attention.

You can’t always count on your target audience to be extra careful about the messages they are reading or to retain all of the information you’re laying out. You need to account for limited attention spans and eyes that will only skim the page. That’s why DDA has a whole host of interactive marketing and advertising services and a full-service video production division, DDA Video. We know that often it takes several different innovative methods to get across what you need and want to. You need to back up textual information with a clever and fun interactive video or spice up an eLearning platform with an interactive game. PowerPoint presentations, long text-based pages, and snippets of information are not always going to sink in and resonate with people.

Trust me. Once again I’m speaking from first-hand experience. And if any colleges happen to be reading this, please consider building an interactive website immediately that will really resonate with the prospective students. I’m just not cut out to be a tour guide.