‘Yes, we do and then some’

We get all kinds of requests from different companies, for different industries, and different technologies.

One of the best parts of working for a full service company like DDA, is that regardless of what the request is, we can do it, unlike many advertising and marketing agencies.

Today, we have a few inquiry calls to make. One in particular inquired yesterday if we do any additional services like websites or logo development. The answer is “Of course. We do everything,” but you can’t exactly put it like that. So I broke it down:

We are a full-service company with capabilities in website development and design, graphic design and logo development, as well as all of the services you originally requested. We also do marketing and print materials, like brochures, sell sheets, and catalogs. All of our services are done in-house by degreed professionals who specialize in those individual areas. We also have a video department with a full in-house studio. DDA is unique in the way it’s designed. We are unlike any marketing or advertising agency, and because of this we can easily meet any of the needs of our clients in the most cost effective and innovative way possible.  We also believe strongly in long-term relationships, and our wide variety of services offered, allows us to grow with our clients as their needs change and their business expands.”

It’s common to get these type of questions. So many companies are used to having to shop around and employ multiple vendors just to complete on project. But coming from the other side of it, working in an environment where integration, innovation, and multiple technologies is the name of the game, it’s sometimes easy to think that what we do is the standard. It should be but it’s certainly not.

These days with technology becoming so involved, integrating video, website, tracking mechanisms, training tools, illustrations, animation, and so much more is becoming more and more necessary to stand out from the rest.

So whenever, I get a follow up call or e-mail asking if we just so happen to also offer this service or that, I take great pleasure in saying, “Yes, we do and then some.”