Very Big Night — And Great Video Production

Last night was a very big night in my house. I was bouncing off the walls all day at work waiting for the first game of the World Series, and pacing around my living room waiting for the first pitch. In fact, as I was flipping channels looking for some baseball-related pregame show, I stumbled across the local news and saw a very familiar face picking up her tickets outside the stadium in Tampa, Florida. A good friend of mine from high school, who now lives and works in Orlando, wore her Phillies red proudly and was interviewed by the local news.

After a few hours of stress, and a few screams that scared the heck out of the dog, I went to bed smiling, thanks to the Phillies’ 3-2 win. And after writing a few pages of new website content and helping to coordinate a fast-paced project in the works, I’ll be right back at it again tonight for Game 2. You can find me pacing back and forth in my living room and screaming at the TV. But thanks to DDA’s convenient and innovative four-day work week, I won’t have to rush to bed after the game, since I don’t have to use an alarm clock tomorrow morning!

As if I needed anything else to trigger my excitement before last night’s game, FOX came through with a great video introduction to the series. I’ve always been a sucker for a well-produced video montage with a powerful voiceover and message, and this one didn’t disappoint, as FOX highlighted baseball’s importance in America, especially in tough times. With Michael Douglas narrating, and Barack Obama and John McCain quoting some famous Americans, it was a powerful piece of video that definitely gave me goosebumps. Take a minute to watch it online here.

Working at DDA, I’ve come to appreciate all the work that goes into even a short video like this one (just over two minutes). Our experienced DDA Video specialists downstairs do amazing work for every client that comes through the door. Whether it’s as simple as a rotating product showcase video to help a client sell jewelry on the web, or full-scale training video complete with scripts, camera movement, and stage directions, you know it will turn out great every time. Laurence, Jake, and the rest of the video team can even integrate animated characters into live video, which they’re working on now for our DDA Corporate and Medical Training division, and shoot in high definition.

DDA video production is a start-to-finish, in-house process, and can include everything from 3D animations to professional scripts written by our degreed copywriters. Plus, we can shoot in our state-of-the-art studio, or on location, based on your needs.

I doubt there will be another moving video introduction before tonight’s game, but that’s OK with me. Another Phillies win will be moving enough.