Wall-to-Wall Advertising Services

Since the entire first floor of our house is FINALLY painted (well, except for the trim sections that we are putting off), this past weekend was spent decorating and hanging up all the things we took down off the walls, or never put up in the first place (since we knew we were going to paint).

But this was much easier said than done. Sure, the pictures were relatively easy to hang up. So were my two favorite things in the entire room: Two pieces of used wine barrel from Santorini with hand-painted scenes of the Greek island, which Andrea and I bought while there on our honeymoon last spring. Their light weight allowed just a few nails and hooks to do the job.

The challenge came when I tried to hang a pair of shelves a friend bought us for the wedding. One is designed to hold wine bottles, while the other holds wine glasses upside-down from little grooves. Since they both need to hold some significant weight without sending the bottles of wine we toted all the way back from Greece crashing to the floor, things got a little dicey. They both came with these convenient-looking metal strips that you hung up first, then simply locked the shelf into place over the strip. The strips even had a tiny little bubble-level built in so you could tell if it was straight.

The problem is our house. It is nearly a century old and consists of plaster, textured walls. In addition, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason as to where the studs and supports are behind the plaster. After a few misplaced drill holes and uncessful attempts with all different kinds of anchors, I scared Andrea and the dog when I tossed aside a screwdriver in frustration. Finally, I was able to secure the strip with long screws that grabbed what seemed like concrete (I know it’s not, but that’s what it felt like) deep behind the wall. The shelves are up, they look great (if I do say so myself), and a crisis was averted. They even cover the half-dozen ugly holes I left in the wall.

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As for me, on the other hand … I just hope those shelves are still there when I get home tonight.