Where There’s Hope…

The weatherman did not predict it, but last night’s torrential downpour was truly welcome. Bucks County’s gardens have been parched. I know it is time to bid adieu to hostas and other summer plants, but the see-saw from Fall and back to summer temperatures has the plant world confused.

Kind of what’s happening in the economic world. There was a very big announcement that the recession has ended. However, the jobless claims rose unexpectedly this week, so tell that to families caught in that downward spiral. Companies are still laying off workers and ALL companies (big and small) want more assurance going forward about how health care and taxes are going to impact the bottom line.

At DDA, we have our belts on tight, and we continue to work hard to fill our pipeline with new projects. We are blessed with great work for our video experts who are making progress on a very sophisticated provider portal application. Our animators are working with blood platelets for an interactive website/video project for another important client ( still in the hush-hush phase). And our graphic designers have too much to do. Those of us who support their efforts through production work, business development and administrative details push to keep our well-oiled marketing and advertising machine humming.

Yes, there is hope.

Like American writer Sarah Breathnach wrote, “Expect hope to be rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last.”