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Case Study: Philips Healthcare – XperGuide eLearning – 2010

DDA helps Philips Healthcare train medical professionals through virtual medical simulations.


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Prior to DDA’s involvement with Philips Healthcare, the Cardio/Vascular division at Philips conducted regular peer-to-peer workshops with physicians, radiologists, and medical technicians in an effort to encourage these medical professionals to adopt new technology within their clinical programs. Traditional training methods were failing to engage participants and communicate the many facets and advantages of the XperCT and XperGuide systems. The challenge posed to DDA was to design and develop an interactive training tool that would compel physicians to show interest in and train quickly and effectively on the equipment associated with advanced clinical procedures.


This being the second in a series of eLearning tools DDA created for Philips Healthcare, one of the main objectives for the XperGuide version was to maintain a consistent virtual environment and step-by-step, procedure-based simulations. The XperGuide eLearning tool was to be as interactive, immersive, and wholly engaging as the first EP Navigator eLearning tool DDA produced. The goal for the XperGuide eLearning tool was to include an introduction with an on-screen actor/actress to present the features of XperCT and XperGuide, a passive simulation to guide users through the use and application of the equipment involved in a procedure, and an active simulation where users could operate the equipment in a risk-free virtual setting.


DDA integrated high definition video, animation, programming, audio narration, still photography, and 3D models to create a futuristic lab environment where users are free to explore and practice their skills at their own pace and in a manner that best suits their unique learning style. While the introduction and passive simulations serve as an educational guide that can be watched in sequence from start to finish or referenced for a specific point of interest, the active simulations provide users with the tools and controls to perform the procedure on their own, practice the skills, and improve their proficiency. This virtual hands-on approach enables medical professionals to attend workshops, but also train in a life-like environment from the comfort of their office or home. Medical professionals can even train on the go through the mobile applications DDA developed as a supplement to the online tool. Users who complete the simulations are presented with a personalized certificate with a date stamp as proof of participation. In addition, DDA developed an administrative back-end system that stores user registration information, and helps Philips Healthcare monitor usage and navigation throughout the eLearning tool.



Philips Healthcare first piloted the XperGuide eLearning tool during a workshop with physicians from the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Turkey, Germany, and Holland. Philips program managers were anxious to see whether the physicians would take the time allotted to use the tool or breeze through it and stand around drinking coffee and answering email. To their pleasant surprise, the physicians used the entire time allotted (45 minutes), and instructors actually had to ask them to stop to move on to the next activity. What’s more, many physicians came back during a break to continue using the eLearning tool. 

DDA is proud to have helped Philips Healthcare revolutionize their training methods, reduce training costs, and provide a higher level of preparedness and understanding that will benefit patients, clinicians, hospitals, and Philips.