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Case Study: NAPNAP Conversations About ADHD Videos – 2012

NAPNAP educates the public about the management and treatment of ADHD with these informative, true-to-life videos produced by DDA.


View the NAPNAP ADHD Videos


Having worked with DDA on two previous extensive video projects, NAPNAP knew exactly who to call on for the very best in service and production value. This time, NAPNAP wanted to create a set of 10 videos; each video would be one to two minutes in length, and each would deal with a different topic in concerns to the management and treatment of ADHD. The videos would be aimed at a more adolescent audience, and would include a poll at the end which would allow both parents and adolescents to understand others’ experience living with ADHD.


NAPNAP needed to ensure that the design of the video player would be consistent with the aesthetic of their existing site, allowing for an easy addition to their vast collection of online materials. DDA’s professional copywriters would work with the client to refine the initial client-provided content into finished video scripts. A poll would be developed which would include instant reporting to users to help capture pertinent data on those living with ADHD and present this data to the public. NAPNAP provided the nurse practitioners, who would then dialog with actors sourced from the DDA Actors’ Network to present the perspectives of two parents and one adolescent on the management and treatment of ADHD. The project was to be delivered in time to debut during the 2012 ADHD Awareness Week.


DDA’s graphic designers worked with a color palette of calm, soothing blues and greys for the video player to help evoke the sense of tranquility that those working to treat ADHD seek. DDA’s copywriters revised the initial client-delivered content to maintain a consistent narrative, as well as to ensure a pace that would be fast enough to hold the attention of restless teenagers. All videos were shot in DDA’s studios in front of a green screen, with a 3D office environment redeveloped with a similar color palette as was used for the video player. DDA designed an effortless navigational system for the video player, and designed and programmed a poll to be taken at the end of the videos which would instantly report on all the answers given by adolescents and parents, with results reported both globally as well as broken down by age and gender.



The videos are having an impact, with natural, credible dialog brought to life by both the nurse practitioners and the DDA-sourced cast. The instant poll results are sure to help both NAPNAP and the viewers garner a greater understanding of ADHD, and NAPNAP enthusiastically endorsed DDA’s work on the project, remarking, “Thanks again for all the work that you and your team did to make this project a success!”