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Case Study: Amerge MD Notes Website – 2008

A multimedia presentation offers medical professionals important information on a new drug and sets high standards for continuing medical education.




DAW Communications was working with GlaxoSmithKline to produce an interactive way for medical professionals to learn about Amerge, a new medication for migraine management. They needed something that not only offered information, but that enabled administrators of the site to track and report on how the site was being used.


DAW called on the custom website design and development and video production expertise of DDA to build the website, program the administrative back-end, and add intuitive features that would not only inform, but help the user retain the information. The information provided on this site would focus on the neurologist’s perspective on the use of Amerge for migraine management.


The Amerge MD Notes website is a custom-designed CME for medical professionals seeking information regarding the use of Amerge. With this learning tool, users register to view three videos that are synced with PowerPoint to illustrate important information on how Amerge can be used for migraine management. DDA graphic designers created an attractive design that also enhanced user functionality. The videos allow users to have complete control to play, pause, advance, and return in order to fully grasp the concepts described. DDA programmed the administrative back-end to be easy to use when tracking usage and reviewing reports, thus gaining an understanding on the effectiveness of the tool. Email blasts were also integrated to help facilitate important notifications to registered users.



This intuitive website not only served as a valuable learning tool for the healthcare community, but it met the high standards of continuing medical education platforms.