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Case Study: Sapling Website and New Product Launch Video – 2007

A unique product deserves a custom design for both digital and online marketing materials.




Sapling, Inc. is an international clock manufacturer who was ready to bring a unique wireless clock system to market. The company was looking for online and digital media to promote their product and needed professionals who could help produce both. Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) was chosen to develop a product launch video and corporate website that would be used in product distribution to prospective customers and trade show presentations. Both projects needed to complement each other in order to maintain a strong and unified marketing strategy.


DDA is both a video production and custom website design and development company that would provide Sapling, Inc. with all the services they need to produce this website and product video. Among the list of services included graphic design and copywriting for both the video and website, making it easy to complete each project cohesively.


In developing the wireless clock product launch video, DDA effectively synced video with textual information and Flash™ animation, providing viewers with a one-of-a-kind visual and auditory experience. All aspects of video production and website development was done in-house, including filming the video spokesperson in front of a green screen and integrating her with animated graphics that she seemed to interact with. DDA copywriters not only assisted with the video script, but they researched keywords related to the targeted market and included them in the website content in order to boost search engine optimization efforts. Both the website and video acted as an overview for the unique clock systems Sapling offers, and how these systems can benefit the end-user.



A corporate website and promotional video with a consistent design and message effectively helped to promote the overall understanding of a distinctive wireless clock system and how it can benefit any organization on a set schedule.