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Case Study: HoverTech – Redesign & Redevelopment – 2014

HoverTech International establishes a strong web presence with their newly redesigned website, which is an informative resource for potential customers and a helpful system for their sales representatives.


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HoverTech International decided to broaden their relationship with Dynamic Digital Advertising in 2013 through a website redesign and redevelopment project. They wanted to update their website with a more modern look, all while being navigable for their potential and existing customers. HoverTech also strived to obtain a strong CRM system for their administrators, sales representatives, and customers. A website featuring strong front- and back-end systems would allow HoverTech to further establish themselves as leaders in patient transfer and repositioning devices.


DDA understood the importance of creating a website that is user-friendly for customers and HoverTech employees. The website must be informative and cross-platform compatible, which will allow users to view the website on various computer operating systems and browsers.

DDA would also create a comprehensive back-end system for users to track their leads, send email campaigns, share files, and more. Administrators and sales representatives will be able to add users and assign leads to territories, allowing HoverTech to organize this information in the easiest and most efficient way possible.


After extensive marketing and conceptual discussions with HoverTech, a cohesive strategy for both the front- and back-end portions of the client’s new website was conceptualized, all while maintaining HoverTech’s corporate identity. Products are listed both individually and by clinical environments, making it easier for visitors to determine which HoverTech product best suits their needs. Videos are seen site-wide for users to better familiarize themselves with the products. A Product Resources page is available for visitors to view product manuals, brochures, and articles. Forms such as Product Satisfaction Survey, Customer Service Satisfaction Survey, and Request Information were built to connect with potential and existing customers.

DDA’s programming department developed a back-end platform that features three different accounts: administrators, sales representatives, and customers. Each account has a different set of accessible information. Administrators have access to a file share repository to help them manage videos, catalogs, brochures, and other useful information. They can also assign sales representatives territories based on zip codes. Reports are available, which allows the administrator to see how many sales proposals were won or lost, and other charts specific to their products. Administrators can create, send, and edit email campaigns and newsletters through WYSIWYG editors. Sales representatives can view their leads, insert notes, and see when they have to contact them again, and they can also download training videos, brochures, and other documents through their accounts. Customers can view training videos and other files in their customized product resource center.



The end result is a website that is easy-to-use and informative for users learning about HoverTech’s patient transfer products. HoverTech’s administrators are now able to accurately report on leads thanks to lead metrics, and sales representatives can better manage their leads with reminders based on the real time communication process.