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Case Study: Kinetic Concepts, Inc. Online Virtual Training – 2012

KCI eLearning: Fostering Sales Force Competence with Online Virtual Training.




Success in sales can be attributed to one simple truth: the more product knowledge a sales associate has, the better they will perform. For this reason, training is often priority number one for organizations looking to build a successful and competent team of sales professionals. In January 2012, DDA Medical helped advanced wound care product manufacturer, Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI), do just this with the creation of a web-based elearning platform that was utilized by over 1,000 sales associates.


The task laid before the team of DDA Medical designers and eLearning developers was a complex one. Not only did the system need to be flexible enough to auto-generate unique curriculums based on a sales associate's district designation and area of specialty, but the platform had to contain a powerful administration area to allow KCI to manage access, populate quizzes, track usage, and extract reports. Most importantly, the end-user experience needed to be seamless, with intuitive navigation and interactive features that spurred participation and encouraged use.


For KCI, DDA Medical designed a web environment that was attractive, consistent with KCI's established visual and branding identity, and appropriate for an audience of medical sales professionals. This web-based, registered user-restricted platform housed a library of multimedia eLearning materials. Each user's curriculum was dynamically generated based on that individual's district, region, and area of focus. Custom-programmed interactive quizzes challenged trainee knowledge and confirmed adequate material comprehension while a live leader board encouraged participation and drove competition. Administratively, KCI was able to disseminate blast email communications with registered users, manage portal invitations, grant and suspend user access, populate quiz questions, and conduct detailed reporting, including date of last log in and completed test scores.



Through the efforts of DDA Medical's in-house IT, video, programming, design, and project management staff, DDA, in close collaboration with KCI, engaged an audience of over 1,000 healthcare sales professionals with a well-designed and -programmed virtual training environment.