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Case Study: Open Future Learning eLearning Website – 2012

DDA helps Open Future Learning establish a revolutionary new way to train those working with people with developmental disabilities with this encyclopedic multimedia eLearning website.


Click to View the Open Future Learning eLearning Website


Open Future Learning had a clear goal in mind: develop a comprehensive training program for those who work for and with those with developmental disabilities that would be at once comprehensive, interactive, and engaging at every step of the way. Furthermore, it needed to be accessible to a diverse, geographically widespread clientele while being cost effective at the same time. The solution was clear: develop a comprehensive online eLearning platform that would allow users throughout the nation to gain vital skills in a critical area. OFL knew that they had to make something really special to break ground in this new area of training, so they came to the eLearning experts at DDA.


The Open Future Learning online platform was designed at the outset to be a comprehensive eLearning platform that would provide a nearly exhaustive library of training materials on the topic of serving those with developmental disabilities. The learning experience was designed in as a methodical, iterative process with multiple cues for interaction and rich, multimedia presentations that would ensure optimal retention of the learning materials at hand. Furthermore, the online portal would allow for the creation of groups so that companies could enroll en masse on the platform, utilize its training features, and track the performance of their employees throughout the process, thus allowing for the kind of coordinated, organization-wide training with easily captured metrics that is most conducive to preparing an entire workforce with a specific set of skills.


First, DDA established a bold, modern website design to serve as the eLearning platform's major promotional outreach, introducing the purpose of the Open Future Learning program while clearly defining its advantages. Furthermore, the website's front page video presentation goes a long way towards helping potential OFL customers understand the value of what they would get with their subscription.  The website itself has copious amounts of information on each course of training offered and the prices for all, encouraging those in need of this training to sign with OFL.

The eLearning platform was a perfect example of DDA's synergistic approach to arts and technologies, combining beautiful design and video with custom programming of powerfully interactive features that were eminently usable thanks to DDA's expertise in web design, architecture, and navigation. A back-end administration zone allowed administrators to manage and track sub-accounts, while a master administrator could set account balances and account access limits while also tracking overall use of the modules.  Quizzes, interactive graphics, note areas, and regular prompts with periodic questions during initial material exposure all helped to ensure active engagement with the tool throughout the process.



The Open Future Learning training experience is second to none in its unique combination of iterative, multimedia, and interactive learning experiences. The combination of sleek design, effortless navigation, and unique user group and administrative features also ensures not only positive experiences for all, but the ability to tailor those experiences to the specific institutions most likely to benefit from the extensive and original training that can only be found on the Open Future Learning platform. This new eLearning portal is sure to improve the training of those working with people with developmental disabilities and thus help to provide some of our most vulnerable citizens the opportunity to lead the rich, full lives that they deserve.