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Case Study: MIST Technologies Website – 2009

A SEO website and complementary tradeshow materials help one company share life-saving information with pregnant women who have hypertension.




MIST Technologies strives to educate the public about different conditions that can have a great effect on women and their babies before, during, and after pregnancy, such as preeclampsia. While MIST does not provide specific medical advice, they believe it’s important that women have a better understanding of their health and potential risks of these conditions, to themselves and to their babies. In order to share this information, MIST wanted an online destination for women and physicians to learn about preeclampsia, how to test for it, the risk factors, and treatment options. They also wanted to educate physicians in the field – obstetricians, gynecologists, and perinatologists – on the MIST Obstetric Hemodynamic Monitoring Software™ (OHMS™) and how, when used in combination with impedance cardiography (ICG) tests, they can help improve the quality of care given to patients.

While working on the MIST website design, the company asked us to create a new design for their tradeshow graphic as well. They felt their existing graphic didn’t drive foot traffic to the tradeshow booth; therefore, MIST wasn’t able to gain the exposure that would help make the company stand out among attending medical professionals.


DDA would provide MIST with custom search engine optimized website design and development, including graphic design and copywriting services. After having already worked through an attractive website design for MIST, DDA Medical would be ready to create the tradeshow graphic so that it would highlight critical medical statistics relating to hypertension during pregnancy and preeclampsia while complementing the website, making the company’s marketing materials consistent and visually appealing.


In preparation for content development, DDA copywriters gathered a variety of medical resources, such as information from on-site interviews with the program’s software developer and key MIST personnel.  Then extensive keyword research was conducted using the terms MIST wanted to focus on. DDA Medical’s writers produced over 40 pages of keyword-rich medical content. This website informed the general public on hypertension during pregnancy and preeclampsia, and educated physicians in the field – obstetricians, gynecologists, and perinatologists – on using the MIST Obstetric Hemodynamic Monitoring Software™ (OHMS™) in combination with impedance cardiography (ICG) tests to improve the quality of care they give to patients. Plus, the new face of MIST would also increase tradeshow foot traffic and help the company gain a strong foothold in the OBGYN field.