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Case Study: L&G Accessories Package Design – 1998

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A product with the right packaging can attract more customers, especially a product with a unique function that can benefit from visual representation. The Strap Mate from L&G Accessories is one such product, and they were looking for new packaging to attract and inform customers, and ultimately, increase sales of its bra strap connector.


Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) was brought in to design a more upscale product package that successfully illustrated the product and its unique and practical use. L&G would utilize DDA’s professional digital photography studio and graphic design services to produce an attractive package for its popular product. Customers would be able to clearly see what this product could do for them.


DDA hosted a one hour, live model shoot in our in-house photography studio. Once an image was chosen, DDA designed the package around the model wearing the product, a horizontal clear strap that connected two bra straps to prevent the straps from moving and falling off the shoulders. The “clearly invisible strap-mate” was featured on the package and was framed by marketing messages and illustrated instructions on how to properly wear the product.



The right packaging makes all the difference. A clear image of the product was featured on the packaging, resulting in an informed customer and satisfied client.