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Case Study: ABC Nanny Source Instructional Video – 2008

Matching families with nannies is a personal process that needed professional attention when it came to an informational video production.




When parents are faced with having to find additional supervision for their precious children, they need someone they can trust. Some nannies are not only responsible for watching children; some are expected to take on a variety of tasks, like cooking, transporting, and educating the children throughout the day. Nannies become a part of the family in many ways; thus, it’s important that there’s a positive connection between the parents, the nanny, and the child.

ABC Nanny Source is a trusted Philadelphia based agency that connects families with childcare professionals. It’s their job to help make these positive connections and guide both families and nannies in the process. Since the application process to obtain and become a nanny is so important, ABC Nanny Source needed an informative tool to clearly explain the necessary steps one needs to take before a successful match can be made.


BC Nanny Source turned to Dynamic Digital Advertising because DDA is a video production company with an in-house studio that can fulfill all their needs. All aspects of video production, from casting to formatting the final product, would be handled by DDA.


Once initial production meetings were underway and a video script was finalized, DDA provided casting services to ABC Nanny Source through our Actors’ Network. ABC Nanny chose the video spokesperson that would take viewers through each step of the application process. The video overview explained what prospective nannies can expect, including discussions with ABC recruiters, filling out the extensive application and completing the ABC profile, the necessary paperwork and clearances needed, interviewing with ABC counselors and potential parent employers, as well as helpful tips and suggested questions to ask throughout the process. All information was delivered in a clear, but lively manner, giving the video a comfortable and conversational feel as if you were speaking with a counselor in person.

The video spokesperson was filmed in front of a solid background in DDA’s studios. In order to hold the viewer’s attention, DDA edited the video so that the spokesperson zoomed in and out. This made for a simple, yet engaging, video presentation.



Filmed, edited, and produced by DDA Video in 2008, this informative video is designed to introduce viewers to ABC Nanny, and it clearly explains the process of how they provide nannies for parents in the Philadelphia area.