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Case Study: Troemner Print Marketing Materials – 2003

A variety of print materials is enhanced by incorporating high resolution digital photography.




Troemner manufactures precision weights and offers calibration services using the highest standards in the industry. In 2003, they were looking to expand their print marketing campaign by developing a range of materials to advertise their products and services. Even though they needed a variety of print materials, such as brochures, catalogs, and sell sheets, they wanted each piece to share the company branding in order to sustain a cohesive campaign.


As a full-service production house with a state-of-the-art photography studio on premises, Dynamic Digital Advertising was equipped to not only design a multitude of marketing materials for Troemner, but this would be done with high resolution digital photography shot and edited by professional DDA photographers. What better way to showcase a product than to show it in all its high-res glory.


The sell sheet that DDA designed for Troemner was unlike any other. To introduce a new line of see-through weight cases, DDA designers transformed the brochure into a case itself by replicating the 3D look of the product onto a two-sided sheet. The digital photography used for this project brought the piece to life while illustrating all the great features. DDA also designed a Mass Standards Handbook for Troemner in order to make browsing through the available products easy and appealing. Direct mail pieces announcing the launch of their new website, handbook, and calibration services were professionally designed by DDA to attract customer attention, and direct mail coupons were also designed for Troemner to offer discounts on their calibration services.



Adding digital photography to the print materials provided something extra to each marketing piece DDA designed for Troemner. Customers could easily learn about all products and servicers Troemner offers by reviewing any of their high quality print materials and absorbing the information both visually as well as through text.