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Case Study: Nexus Parking Systems Responsive eCommerce Website – 2019

The newly redesigned Nexus Parking Systems responsive website allows customers to find and reserve parking at Nexus's many locations throughout New Jersey.


Nexus Parking Systems Website


DDA had designed the original Nexus Parking Systems website in 2009. At the time of its development, it represented the state of the art in web design, featuring a creatively designed Flash animation based header and menu system. However, Adobe would stop supporting Flash, and browsers were increasingly blocking Flash for security reasons, leaving the site difficult to navigate for most users. Also, Google had updated its search standards by creating a separate index for those searching from smartphones and other small mobile devices, and demeriting those websites that didn't have a presentation optimized for these devices' smaller screen sizes. It was time to upgrade the website design to bring it into the modern era. Nexus turned once again to DDA.


The new website would need to be highly modular, allowing the site to scale infinitely as the success of Nexus Parking Systems meant that the company was adding new garages on locations throughout New Jersey on a routine basis. All Flash components would be removed in favor of HTML to animate the header showing the selection of all Nexus Parking Systems locations. The new website would also use a responsive web design that automatically scales to the optimum presentation for all devices, browsers, and screen sizes, ensuring that all users are able to work perfectly with the website and the site would retain and grow rankings on the major search engines. Last, all the customer service forms would be ported over, including parking application forms, various payment management forms, and a form for general communications.


DDA created a modern, clean responsive web design which features a scroll of all Nexus Parking Systems locations at the top of the homepage to allow users to quickly move to the garage important to them. DDA created new marketing messages and a long front-page experience that serves as a perfect introduction to the company, including its exceptional customer service, its 9 locations found in southern, central, and northern New Jersey, and its commitment to environmental responsibility shown in its installation of solar energy systems at several of its locations.

Each location includes a robust set of information, including an introduction to the amenities of the garage, the workers at each, a Google Map to provide directions, parking payment instructions and rates, details on the monthly parking program, a monthly parking application form, forms to facilitate automatic monthly parking payments via checking account or card, and a form to cancel a monthly account. Each site also lists the nearby train services as well as the different programs that offer access to the lots, including WageWorks, Commuter Check, and TransitChek. Additional technical details are highlighted on every page with icons, including identifying the electrical charding stations and portable battery jumper kids available.

The website also includes an area with more general information about Nexus Parking Systems, related Nexus companies, a note from the President Michael Ciesielka, information about its green projects, a FAQ page, and a form for customer service and support. Later DDA developed a new AI chatbot that handled common questions from customers, which can switch to live support managed by a Nexus Parking Systems agent for inquiries that go beyond the scope of the comprehensive FAQ database serving as the main content for the AI chatbot. You can learn more about the Parker AI chatbot here.



The new responsive web design brings the Nexus Parking Systems website into the modern age, with a plethora of customer service-oriented features to help people navigate their way to the best location for them and manage their monthly parking accounts. The Parker AI chatbot takes the website into the future, with cutting edge AI technology to help users while reducing support time to do so.