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Case Study: Guideline Technologies Website and Business Card – 2003

An innovative product deserves recognition both in print and online.




Innovative technology benefits both the creator and the user, especially when the technology improves someone’s day-to-day life. Guideline Technologies was one company that makes products geared to improve the day-to-day lives of those who are visually impaired and blind. When they launched their HandGuide™ obstacle detection device for the visually impaired, they wanted to share their latest innovation with both local and international audiences. The HandGuide™ uses infrared sensors to detect objects, and then it emits sounds or vibrates at varying speeds to let the person know how close they are to an obstruction. To properly launch this product, Guideline Technologies wanted to include both print and online materials in the marketing plan, so they enlisted Dynamic Digital Advertising to provide custom website design and development, including professional graphic design services.


As a full-service production house, DDA was asked to take on both print and online media projects for Guideline Technologies. DDA’s professional staff of graphic designers would not only design business cards featuring the new product, but DDA would also design and develop not one, not two, but three cohesive versions of a website for the HandGuide™. Each version would cater to the strengths of different targeted audiences.


When designing the business cards for Guideline Technologies, DDA made sure the new product was front and center. The shape of the HandGuide™ was featured in the middle of the card, surrounded by important company contact information. When it came to designing the HandGuide™ website, three different, easy-to-read text treatments of the same site were offered, including graphical, large print, and text only versions. The website fully detailed what users should know about the HandGuide™ and how it can benefit them.



The business cards for Guideline Technologies, featuring the HandGuide™, were not only a useful marketing tool for the company, it was a promotional tool for the product. The custom HandGuide™ website was full of informative content about the product and catered to the targeted audience, all in the hopes that this new product would help improve day-to-day lives.