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Case Study: ChemImage VeroVision Product Video with 3D Animation

The ChemImage VeroVision product video uses original, colorful 3D animation to show how the VeroVision is used to detect harmful substances in its view.




In 2014, ChemImage wanted a way to introduce its new VeroVision technology, which is used to detect harmful substances using hyperspectral imaging, ChemImage's specialty as an advanced optical device designer and manufacturer.


DDA and ChemImage decided that original 3D animation would be the best way to convey the powerful hyperspectral imaging features of the VeroVision. 


DDA worked ChemImage to develop a script, storyboard, and on-screen texts that would form the basis of the new product video with 3D animation. DDA accepted 3D models from ChemImage and animated these according to the approved storyboard. DDA established a theme for the video, including branded graphics and other visual motifs, and created intro, outro, and transitional segments to open and close the video and introduce all the main topics. 

The video demonstrates how VeroVision is capable of detecting explosive and chemical threats through hyperspectral imaging, eliminating the need for detecting agents and lasers and thus making for a safer detection process. The VeroVision is able to scan instantly up to 20 meters away, both indoors and outside, offering flexibility in a wide variety of applications. The product video uses succinct on-screen texts to communicate all the advantages of the VeroVision while showing it in real-world applications virtualized in 3D animated environments, providing an engaging viewing experience that communicates the strengths of ChemImage's unique hyperspectral imaging product with a presentation quality that equals its own quality of design.



The ChemImage VeroVision product demonstration video with 3D animation made a big first impression, and has helped to establish ChemImage as a leader in the field of security threat detection technologies.