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Case Study: TraumaCure WoundStat™ 3D Animated Training Video – 2008

TraumaCure trains soldiers on the use of their WoundStat™ hemostatic agent with an engaging 3D medical animation by DDA.


View the TraumaCure WoundStat™ 3D Animated Training Video


In 2007 the life science company TraumaCure, Inc. contacted DDA Medical. They wanted to produce a DVD video that would help train soldiers in the use of the company's WoundStat™ hemostatic agent on wounded soldiers.


Through discussions with TraumaCure, DDA determined the best course of action to create a training video for the use of the WoundStat™ hemostatic agent. DDA recognized that a training video based on 3D modeling and animation would be more appealing than the traditional animal study videos or illustrations so often used for this purpose. The higher degree of visual engagement would help to increase the focus of the video's viewers and thereby enhance retention of the information gained.


DDA provided its scriptwriting services to create a voiceover narration that was both clear and informative. Professional casting services for the narration were provided through the DDA Actors' Network and recorded in DDA's sound studio. A team of videographers and animators at DDA created two 3D characters which were animated to explain the application of the agent in the field. DDA then edited and synched the narration to the animation and incorporated graphics, background music, and live video to enhance the overall effect of the animated video production.



TraumaCure distributed the 3D animated training videos to various U.S. military training organizations. Additionally, the WoundStat™ 3D Animated Training Video was also used to help promote the TraumaCure brand at trade shows and was incorporated into their website as a part of their marketing outreach. The 3D animation even gained national exposure through airtime on Fox News.