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Case Study: Stein Seal Company 3D Modeling – 2001

As a manufacturer of sealing systems, the Stein Seal Company ensured their marketing message was sealed in the customer’s mind.




Stein Seal Company provides sealing systems for a variety of industries. Their machining, repairs, and testing services ensures that nothing gets past these seals, no matter what the application. When Stein Seal was ready to produce marketing brochures to promote their business, they needed an element that would enhance the text and set their corporation apart from the competition. They wanted to make sure their marketing message was sealed in the customer’s mind.


Stein Seal was looking for a distinguishing element for their new marketing piece, and so they enlisted DDA’s expertise in designing and developing stand-out marketing materials that are known for appealing to both clients and customers alike. DDA would design multiple custom 3D models of Stein Seal Company’s products for their promotional brochure. These 3D product models would bring the products to life on the page, which would, in turn, attract the viewer’s eye while informing them of what Stein Seal is capable of.


Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology, DDA graphic designers and animators created stand-out graphics for Stein Seal’s brochure. By adding 3D modeling to their brochure, Stein Seal set their company apart from competitors. The 3D models made for true-to-life graphics that succeeded in enhancing promotional materials.



The custom 3D models created for Stein Seal’s corporate brochure highlighted their products in a unique way and made for impressive marketing materials.

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