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Case Study: Consensus Medical Communications CME Website – 2009

DDA continues to develop web-based programs designed for continuing medical education.




Consensus Medical Communications thrives on excellence and innovation, especially when it comes to improving the quality of life for patients with a range of conditions. In order to reach this goal, Consensus Medical strives for motivational outcomes in medical education programs that prepare healthcare professionals to provide patients with the care they need. Consensus Medical needed such a program to educate medical professionals in the treatment of Acromegaly, a syndrome of the endocrine system that causes the pituitary gland to produce excess growth hormones.


Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) is highly experienced in the design and development of a variety of platforms that support medical education. In order to be effective, these programs include both text and visual learning features that allow users to actively participate in their learning, therefore increasing interest in and retention of the information. In 2009, Consensus Medical Communications took advantage of DDA’s expertise in developing an online platform that housed a similar continuing medical education (CME) program to teach doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals about a new condition.


DDA Medical built a forum website for Consensus Medical that featured six CME modules.  Each module included a PowerPoint presentation that was synched to audio narration. This benefitted both auditory and visual learners. After each presentation, the user would be taken to a testing section to evaluate comprehension. DDA Medical programmed this testing portion of the CMEs so that those who achieved a score of 70% or higher were awarded official CME credits and a personalized completion certificate that could be printed for recordkeeping. Those who did not receive a passing score were presented with the correct answers and invited to revisit those portions of the presentation before attempting the test again. DDA Medical also developed an area in each CME where users could download the audio portion of the presentations for use on an iPod or other portable device, as well as a password-protected administrative area where program managers could view user test results and overall usage statistics. Complemented by a beautiful design with unique font and rich colors to attract and ease the eye, this DDA developed CME program was a valuable learning tool.



The CME program DDA developed for Consensus Medical focused on the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of Acromegaly. After completing this program, healthcare professionals walked away with the knowledge they needed to assist patients in achieving the highest quality of care and well-being.