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Case Study: Consensus Medical Communications Acromegaly Forum CME Website – 2009

DDA develops an interactive continuing medical education (CME) tool to assist healthcare professionals in learning about a rare disorder.




Consensus Medical Communications wanted to increase awareness of the issues surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acromegaly, a long-term hormonal disorder caused when the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone causing benign tumors, body tissue, and bones to grow. They were looking for an interactive eLearning tool for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other clinical specialists to learn more about the disorder in order to diagnose and treat it effectively.


As a custom website design and development company, DDA Medical would provide graphic designcopywriting, and programming services to develop the Acromegaly Forum website. This site will serve the medical community by offering a series of online continuing medical education (CME) courses that provide testing and a way to track usage and run system reports.


Acromegaly Forum consists of six CME programs, all in accordance with Accreditation Council of Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) guidelines. While building each of the eLearning programs, DDA Medical synched informative PowerPoint slides to audio captured during live presentations. The slides acted as a textual overview of what was being discussed, and through intuitive controls, the user could play, stop, and pause the presentation when needed. DDA Medical also edited all audio narration and integrated transcribed text into the website. For search engine optimization purposes, this text contained key terms related to acromegaly in order to attract those who searched the Internet for more information on this condition. After completion of each course, the CME testing areas provide those who pass with personalized certificates in acknowledgement of the credits they receive from participating.



Acromegaly Forum was enrolled in DDA Medical’s SureThing™ Search Engine Optimization Program, which continually improves rankings on major search engines for key terms related to acromegaly over time. DDA Medical also built a backend administrative tool for Consensus Medical Communications, so that they were able to monitor website traffic and analyze internet marketing strategies. In all, the Acromegaly Forum website educated healthcare professionals on the disorder and what treatment options were available.