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Case Study: Brass Élégans Print Marketing – 2010

Digital product photography can go a long way to help strengthen the marketing campaign of a manufacturing company.




Just the name, Brass Élégans™, elicits a feel of class and style. That’s exactly what they offer in their products, which are made to bring a touch of elegance to any home. From accent tiles and switch plates to floor registers and air returns, Brass Élégans manufactures high-quality brass accessories to add style to every room of your home. They wanted this same elegant style to be applied to a large selection of marketing materials so that others can see for themselves what Brass Élégans offers, and hopefully be able to envision it in their home as well.


Brass Élégans elected Dynamic Digital Advertising for their professional graphic design and digital photography services. DDA would weave rich refinement throughout all print materials Brass Élégans desired, including brochurescatalogssell sheetsposterspostcardstrade ads, and showroom displays. The colors and layouts would complement the professional photography to make the products extend beyond the page. First and foremost, DDA would help to strengthen branding for Brass Élégans by designing a logo that would be included on all print materials.


From high-resolution digital photography to catalogs, sell sheets, and more, DDA has provided a lot of print marketing services for Brass Élégans, but one of the most important was the creation of the logo. A company logo is what will grace all marketing materials and act as a talisman for a business. The logo needed to capture the vibe of the business and portray that to customers in one small image. For Brass Élégans, DDA designed something polished and chic with a touch of elegance to match the sleek and vibrant products. The simple yet luxe red square that houses the sophisticated company initials was the perfect design to best represent Brass Élégans and set the tone for future marketing and branding endeavors.

Once the logo was established, DDA went to work to produce another integral part of the Brass Élégans marketing campaign. What better way to show the excellence of high-quality brass products than with high-resolution, digital photography services? The professional photographers from DDA captured the splendor of a wide variety of products for Brass Élégans to use throughout many different marketing materials as a way to attract the attention of potential customers looking for high-quality and high-class home accessories.

The brochures DDA designed for Brass Élégans shows off the beauty of their goods while providing lots of product details to attract attention and inform customers. DDA created the custom brochure design, which included the high-resolution photography. Stylish and informative, the brochures combine bold colors, prominently placed glossy photographs, and important product details for a perfect marketing tool.

Just as Brass Élégans products bring a sense of sophistication to a home, Dynamic Digital Advertising's graphic designers bring a sense of elegance to a catalog design. DDA maintained the company's branding, including the DDA-designed logo, while incorporating striking graphics and DDA’s high-resolution photography to make the products in this catalog appear like they're popping from the page while still eliciting an elegant feel.

DDA designed a series of posters and postcards for Brass Élégans, each of which focused on a different product category. Here, the high-resolution digital photography services DDA provided were put to good use again as they set to attract attention and gain potential clients to take a closer look at Brass Élégans various product offerings. Combining a bright design, strong marketing messages, and a variety of product views, these posters and postcards complemented the additional print production work created by DDA, and succeeded in calling attention to and informing customers of the beautiful brass products Brass Élégans provides.

The sell sheets DDA designed for Brass Élégans not only offered customers up-close views of the product, but the additional product details made it a great informational sheet for customers to decide what product was right for them. Of course, when the photograph captures the artfully-crafted product in all its glory, the product can practically sell itself. DDA also designed sell sheets with the distributors in mind, using high-resolution digital photography to show different options for displaying Brass Élégans products in-store. With a custom design and high-resolution digital photography, DDA was able to show just how elegant the wholesale manufacturer's products could be in a showroom display.

DDA also targeted potential distributors with trade ads that feature a sampling of what Brass Élégans has to offer. DDA graphic designers worked closely with the client to create a compelling design based on established branding guidelines to continue their cohesive and comprehensive marketing campaign.



Working closely with the client to design a logo, establish branding guidelines, and develop a library of high-resolution digital photograph, DDA created a comprehensive marketing strategy for Brass Élégans, which manifested in the form of sell sheets, brochures, posters, trade ads, and more. The high-resolution photography brought the products to life, allowing customers to see each product in detail while envisioning what it may look like in their homes. This made for a great sales and informational tool for attracting the attention of potential customers and truly demonstrating the skills of Brass Élégans in the brass accessory manufacturing business.