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Case Study: ABB On-Location Product Photography – 2009

Digital photography is worth a multitude of professional marketing materials.




ABB provides quality control systems for a wide variety of industries, including process automation, power generation, and food and beverage. The Ventura Foods plant in Chambersburg, PA is one of many plants across the country that uses ABB systems. Not only did ABB need new marketing materials to promote their systems, they also wanted to customize these materials by highlighting their products and services in a unique way.


What better way to showcase what ABB has to offer than to show their products in action? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so ABB was to add digital photography to their promotional materials in order to say what words can’t. The professional photographers at Dynamic Digital Advertising have the equipment needed to shoot, process, and edit high-quality digital photographs for use in print and online. While our in-house photography studio is set up to handle all aspects of photo shoots, we also go on location if needed. On-location shooting was the perfect solution for ABB, since they wanted to show real examples of how their quality control systems are working for the industries that use them on a daily basis.


DDA provided on-location photography services for ABB quality control systems installed at the Ventura Foods plant in Chambersburg, PA. DDA photographers went straight to the source of the systems, the control rooms, and captured images of Ventura Foods employees running the systems.



The wide selection of digital photography DDA provided for ABB acted as visual testimonials to promote the use of their quality control systems. The photographs were used for various marketing materials and worked to strengthen their marketing campaign.