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Case Study: Boekel Scientific Print Marketing Materials – 1999

Using 3D modeling and digital photography not only customizes marketing materials, it also sets a company above the rest.




Boekel Scientific manufactures lab products, such as incubators, water baths, hybridization equipment, and more. They needed new marketing materials to showcase their products in a way that both scientists and consumers could understand, all while setting their company apart from the competition.


Dynamic Digital Advertising has worked with a wide range of clients, from leaders in the medical field and industrial giants to small businesses and start-up companies. With such a broad range of experiences, DDA knows how to market a large manufacturer to the masses. The goal was to customize a variety of comprehensive marketing materials, including sell sheets and a print catalog, that would attract attention, inform the customer, motivate them to learn more, and establish Boekel Scientific as a leader in their field. Boekel would utilize DDA’s graphic design services and digital product photography to obtain the look and feel they were after and accomplish their goals.


One of the best ways to market a product is to both show and tell the customer about it. This can prove to be difficult if your product isn’t typically sold in stores, and door-to-door sales are no longer the norm. The next best thing to holding the product is viewing a detailed image of it. DDA digital product photographers understand this; therefore, they know how to fully capture each product to benefit both the seller and consumer. The high resolution photographs DDA delivered to Boekel featured the product and accessories included. Once the shots were edited, they were integrated into the layout of the sell sheets and catalog DDA designed and printed. Both print materials also included a 3D model of a DNA strand that DDA produced. The 3D image was prominently featured on the cover of Boekel’s print catalog and combined with the DDA photography on the sell sheet. This made for a cohesive marketing strategy for Boekel Scientific.



After shooting dozens of technical products and creating a 3D model to customize marketing materials, DDA designed and produced customized pieces to strengthen Boekel Scientific’s marketing strategy and make them stand out among competitors.