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Case Study: Moxtek Company Video – 2021

DDA produced this company video for Moxtek to introduce the company and its products.


Moxtek Company Video


Moxtek had an upcoming meeting with the other companies in its conglomerate, and wanted to make a strong first impression with a new company video. But the video needed to be produced in a month to make it in time.


DDA and MVP worked together to plan video production that could be done on the tight timeline and budgets available. They decided to leverage many existing assets from previous videos DDA produced from Moxtek, in addition to other assets from the company itself. The video would also be used for introducing general audiences to Moxtek, its capabilities, and its products in the future.


DDA and MVP first developed a script and storyboard for the video and gathered all the relevant video assets. Once finalized, DDA casted the voice-over talent from its own Actors' Network of professional on-screen and voice-over talent. DDA recorded the voice-over narration while webcasting the session to allow for direction and feedback from the client in real-time. DDA then edited all existing source materials, created new materials, and edited them together in sync with the voice-over narration and background music to create a finished company video that serves as a strong introduction to the Moxtek company.



The new Moxtek company video was delivered on time and well-received by the other companies in Moxtek's conglomerate. The client offered this feedback: "The video showing was successful as our CEO was able to share in his Corporate meeting. In fact, one of our VPs liked it so much that he would like to use it ….f his future meetings this year."