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Case Study: Dr. Brackup Custom Video-Based PowerPoint Presentation – 2018

DDA produced this custom video-based PowerPoint presentation for Dr. Brackup to help him explain his groundbreaking techniques in plastic surgery to an audience of his peers.




Dr. Brackup approached DDA’s highly trained video production staff, requesting a professional video highlighting the cutting-edge cosmetic procedure in a “step-by-step” format. The video, captured by DDA’s video crew, would then be implemented on a slideshow presentation for Dr. Brackup’s upcoming conference.


The presentation paired with professionally captured video of two surgical procedures would highlight Dr. Brackup’s expertise in the field while also maintaining his practice’s branding. The presentation also included critical medical diagrams outlining the basic anatomical challenges of the procedures. The presentation would also contain several before-and-after still images to concretely demonstrate the advantages of Dr. Brackup’s approach to plastic surgery.


DDA created a thoughtfully designed presentation featuring video captured during two of Dr. Brackup’s cosmetic facial reconstruction surgical procedures in 2017 to demonstrate his professionalism and expertise in the field. DDA ensured that the presentation reflected Dr. Brackup’s previously established design in order to remain cohesive with his existing marketing materials. By also displaying several side-by-side before and after images of Dr. Brackup’s patients, alongside the high quality procedural videos, Dr. Brackup’s presentation showcased his specialities, certifications, and skills, while emphasizing some of his patients’ incredible transformations.



DDA delivered a top-line video presentation to Dr. Brackup, highlighting his professional experience in the cosmetic surgery field. By using DDA’s highly trained video production staff, as well as its graphic design team, Dr. Brackup was empowered with an exceptional custom PowerPoint presentation masterly combined with skillfully shot video footage of several of Dr. Brackup’s cosmetic procedures.