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Case Study: Aline Components Digital Photography – 2005

Professional digital photography taken on-location can bring customers closer to your company.




What better way to capture what a company is made of than to go on-location and see for yourself? Since not everyone has this luxury, especially with larger industrial companies, the next best thing would be to capture the essence of the company through digital photography. We all know what a picture is worth, and when a company has professional photographs that showcase their products and services, that company’s marketing materials will be worth a lot more.

Located in Kulpsville, PA, Aline Components is a full-service custom plastic injection molding and manufacturing company that has the ability to take a job from conception to finished product all in house. They needed a company with the same in-house capabilities to help strengthen their marketing strategies. Aline also needed something that would highlight their products and services without conducting tours of their 18,000 square foot production facility.


DDA knows what it means to be full service. Just as Aline customizes their products, DDA has the tools to custom design and develop a full range of marketing materials, whether in print or online. So when Aline decided to market themselves with professional digital photography of their production facility, DDA rose to the challenge and traveled to Kulpsville. Once the photos were processed, not only did Aline want to use them for print, but they also utilized DDA’s expertise in custom website design and development and integrated the photos there as well.


In 2005, professional photographers from DDA’s digital photography department traveled to Aline Components' thermoplastic molding and manufacturing facility to take a series of on-location shots. DDA photographers traveled throughout the facility capturing images of Aline's tooling, dies, and molds. Once DDA processed and edited the images, they were used in a variety of collateral materials. Since Aline was so satisfied with the shots, they decided to incorporate them in the website DDA designed for the custom plastic injection molding company in 2006.



DDA provided digital photography services and custom website design and development to strengthen Aline Component’s marketing campaign and show one full-service industrial company what a full-service marketing company can achieve.