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Case Study: Wolo Manufacturing Corporation – Quick Response Code Videos – 2010

Quick Response Code Videos – 2010


Click Here to View One of the Wolo QR Code Videos


When Wolo Manufacturing wanted to digitize their print catalog, they came to DDA Video and we delivered an interactive CD-ROM showcasing an intuitive navigation system for all products, as well as featured product videos with a spokesperson from our extensive DDA Actors' Network. When Wolo wanted to go mobile, DDA Video was there again to answer the call. Wolo asked DDA Video to generate QRCs and produce a series of 20 product videos, which would be made accessible to users who scan the codes on their smartphone device.


The objectives for this project were to create 20 spokesperson videos (each with a total run time of about 20-30 seconds) centered on Wolo's key products sold in national retailers. These videos were to be accessible via QRCs generated by DDA Video and implemented by Wolo Manufacturing on print catalogs and product packaging. As DDA Video had already produced a number of product videos for the interactive CD-ROM catalog, Wolo wanted to continue using the same spokesperson to present their products. The objective was to create a Wolo-branded video presentation and design that would be consistent with the product videos already developed, but offer a new, fresh perspective.


DDA Video cast the same professional actor from the DDA Actors' Network and created a video design complete with motion background and custom supplementary graphics. DDA Video also added stock music to further engage the end user. By filming the actor on green screen, DDA Video was able to embed the actor and product video within the design for a seamless, professional look. DDA Video created a mobile video navigation system that enables those who have viewed a specific product video to check out and consider other Wolo products. Additionally, DDA Video implemented usage tracking so Wolo would know how many users were accessing each particular product video.



Now, as shoppers browse, they can use their smartphone to scan the QR code on a product's packaging and listen to important information on the product, watch Wolo lights in action, and hear Wolo horns first hand before they buy. Wolo Manufacturing Corporation was so pleased with the outcome of the first 20 QRC videos that the company contracted DDA Video to produce another 20 videos on new and upcoming products.