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Case Study: Allied Dental – Related Projects – 2007

Allied Dental Practices of New Jersey benefitted from the full range of DDA marketing and advertising services, including custom print and video production with website design and development.




With a network of dental offices offering care and treatment in dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, and other areas, Allied Dental needed a variety of marketing and advertising materials that promoted their services effectively and succinctly, while showcasing the benefits for potential dentists, doctors, and specialists who may be interested in becoming part of the network. When the Allied Dental Practices first came to DDA Medical, they were in need of a whole new marketing and branding strategy on top of print and trade show materials, video production, and a state-of-the-art web presence.


Once a new marketing and branding strategy was put in place, DDA would take on logo development, print material production, trade show arrangements, video production and custom website design and development. DDA Medical designed and developed a brochure to promote the services and locations for the Allied Dental Practices of New Jersey, and attract new dentists and specialists to their established network of professionals. When Allied Dental needed materials for an upcoming trade show, DDA made all arrangements, conceptualizing the perfectly themed booth and developing all of the related marketing materials. Not only would the custom-made graphics set the theme for the entire presentation, but with their booth in the middle of the exhibit hall, they wanted to be the center of attention and have something to attract new dental specialists to the organization.

The goal of the video DDA produced was to attract new Allied Dental employees, including dental specialists, assistants, and office managers to the practice. To do that, DDA Video focused on all of the major points most new dentists are faced with once out of dental school. The Allied Dental story was interwoven throughout the video using testimonials of real employees who offered their experiences to show why Allied Dental is different and the benefits and advantages of joining the Allied Dental network. The video was originally used as part of a trade show presentation before being integrated into the Allied Dental website, which was also designed and developed by DDA.


The first step in helping Allied Dental embark on a new marketing and branding strategy was to create a new logo. DDA Medical's graphic design team created something fresh and modern that represented the core philosophies and goals of Allied Dental. Since the logo design would set the tone for all future marketing efforts, DDA Medical's designers worked closely with Allied Dental to make changes to font, size, and colors until the perfect logo was created.

Using the new branding strategy and logo developed by DDA Medical, DDA graphic designers created an engaging design for a print brochure that grabs attention and appeals to Allied Dental’s target audience. DDA Medical’s experienced graphic designers weaved the overall look and feel of Allied Dental's logo and other promotional materials into this brochure design. DDA Medical’s team of degreed copywriters created concise and informative content for the brochure using four main benefits of joining the The Allied Dental team – Success, Security, Support, and Serenity. Once the brochure was complete, The Allied Dental Practices also took advantage of DDA Medical's high-quality printing services.

During production of the trade show materials, DDA's professional graphic designers worked closely with the principles of Allied Dental to create a custom, visually-pleasing and engaging design. As a way to appeal to new prospects, DDA Medical created a large graphic to attract attention to The Allied Dental Practices trade show booth. The versatile graphic, intended specifically to reinforce the theme of "not betting on your future,” could be used many different ways, including hanging from the ceiling for booths located in the center of an exhibition hall. DDA's in-house degreed copywriters developed the content, focusing on Allied's key points and effectively communicating its core messages. DDA graphic designers also developed banner stand designs that carried on the betting and gambling theme, and a customized roulette wheel was created along with individual slots to attract trade show attendees, with prizes being handed out for award-winning spins.

Production of the Allied Dental recruiting video combined a web spokesperson with on-location shooting, video testimonials, and animated special effects. DDA Video handled all aspects of video production, from pre-planning, conceptualization, and storyboard development to script development, shooting, editing, and production, to create a video that carried the same marketing themes, look, and feel of other Allied Dental promotional materials. The video spokesperson was filmed in DDA Medical’s on-site video studio using green screen technology. This allowed DDA Medical video specialists to place the video footage over an animated background, integrate supporting text, and include a map showing Allied Dental locations across New Jersey. But the integration of live video and animation did not end with background features – the video spokesperson also interacted with the supporting texts and animations, pushing them off screen to create a unique feature that immediately draws the viewer’s attention. The video also integrated footage filmed on-site by DDA Medical videographers, including testimonials from dentists and specialists in the Allied Dental network, along with supporting footage of dental work being performed.

DDA Medical knew that a new website would help the Allied Dental Practices succeed in its quest to attract new dental specialists and make more people aware of their practices. Since a new marketing and branding strategy was developed, and a new logo was already created, DDA Medical continued rebranding efforts with website redevelopment for Allied Dental. Our graphic design department created a design concept that was consistent with the other marketing materials already created that reflects the Allied Dental Practices' new image. The new site combines custom design with a user-friendly navigation system, which has an added level of visual interest, thus appealing to both potential patients and employees. A form and embedded testimonial video make it easy for interested dental specialists to get more information and apply to become part of the network, while the interactive location map and schedule is very helpful for patients.



A bright, clean, and friendly design helped the Allied Dental Practices in their quest to reach out to new dental specialists and provide more information to patients on their chain of dental locations. This guaranteed a cohesive marketing strategy that aided in marketing and branding by establishing a recognizable brand for the Allied Dental network. In combination with a strategic branding and marketing effort by DDA for Allied Dental, the DDA developed brochure serves as an effective recruiting and marketing tool by promoting all services and locations to reach out to potential dental recruits. With fun special effects and several video testimonials, the DDA produced video has been highly effective in getting potential employees interested in joining the Allied Dental family. With a fresh, updated homepage design and new pages to address walk-in emergency patients, the Allied Dental website provides an engaging user experience for both potential patients and employees. With a custom, leading-edge design and plenty of calls to action, the website is also a great tool for specialist recruitment, patient acquisition, and overall information.