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Case Study: Gluefast – Responsive Website – 2016

New and existing customers can learn more about Gluefast’s many products from the comfort of their desk or the palm of their hand.


Click here to view the Gluefast responsive website.


Gluefast has had a long-standing relationship with Dynamic Digital Advertising, who designed their previous website. Upon learning more about Google’s new algorithm, where responsive, mobile-friendly sites were ranked higher compared to non-responsive sites, Gluefast felt it was time to revamp their website with a more contemporary design and mobile-friendly features so that they remain competitive with other glue, adhesive, and equipment suppliers in the region and nationally.


Through the combination of DDA’s review of the site and discussions with Gluefast about what they wanted to focus on, it was determined that a responsive website would be best suited for this. Visitors would be able to get a strong user experience when using their desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Menus and images would adjust to the screen that the user is viewing the site on. Gluefast also wanted to update the eCommerce portion of their website through implementing a new cart platform.


Dynamic Digital Advertising gave Gluefast’s new site a modern look and feel, and focused on creating a responsive website for users to view it on a variety of screen sizes. Visitors are welcomed with a bold rotating banner that highlights Gluefast’s top products and the applications they are used for. The navigable menu allows users to easily find the information they need, which is organized by product and application. Product pages, videos, and safety data sheets are available for new and existing customers to learn more about Gluefast’s wide variety of products. DDA created two forms for users to request a catalog and samples of free glue sticks.

DDA integrated a new eCommerce platform, which features the same design as seen throughout the site. Gluefast can easily add, remove, and update products featured on their cart, and users can search for products and purchase them safely and securely.



Gluefast’s newly redesigned and redeveloped website is a contemporary, clear representation of everything they have to offer. From home use to product assembly, any new and existing customer can visit the site and easily discover more about the specific product or application that they are looking for.