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Case Study: Oncura Website – 2003

DDA designed and developed a website for Oncura to clearly inform prostate and kidney cancer patients about minimally invasive cryotherapy ablation procedures.


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When diagnosed with prostate or kidney cancer, patients look for answers and solutions. There are some minimally invasive procedures, including cryotherapy that patients may be unaware of; therefore, they won't know how the possible benefits or long-term effects of these options compare to more invasive procedures. Oncura is a leader in providing minimally invasive prostate and kidney cancer care for patients and physicians. Headquartered in the United States, Oncura provides a global presence in its treatment of prostate cancer, and they wanted to share with information with the world through a new website.


DDA Medical, a leader in custom medical website design and development, was asked to create this online presence for Oncura in 2003. DDA Medical knew that the facts about prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and minimally invasive procedures had to be presented in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand way so that patients could make an informed decision and feel more at ease and comfortable about this course of treatment. Everything from the website design and graphics used, to the menu structure and site architecture, had to be patient-friendly, intuitive, and welcoming.

In order to reach a global audience, Oncura also needed a website that met certain search engine marketing and optimization criteria. As award-winning search engine marketing (SEM) specialists, DDA could offer SEM and SEO services to Oncura to assist them in gaining the online exposure they needed to targeted audiences worldwide.


The Oncura website is just one of multiple projects DDA Medical has undertaken for Oncura. Other projects include logo design and development, medical videos, brochures, animations and illustrations, a virtual trade show, and a full custom trade show booth design and development.



Through the efforts of DDA Medical's in-house IT, video, programming, design, and project management staff, DDA, in close collaboration with KCI, engaged an audience of over 1,000 healthcare sales professionals with a well-designed and -programmed virtual training environment.