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Case Study: Tanner Industries Website – 2004

Family history and a commitment to excellence is captured with keyword-rich content and attractive graphic design that boosted an already impressive corporate identity.




Tanner Industries is a third generation family business dating back to 1890 that prides itself on product quality and service. Tanner supplies anhydrous and aqua ammonia by tank cars and trucks, cylinders, drums, totes, and ISO containers in quantities that fit your needs, and provides value-added services to customers to ensure quality and safety. In 2004, Tanner Industries was looking to expand its marketing reach by developing an online presence. They needed a comprehensive website that detailed all products and services offered in one user-friendly site.


Tanner Industries turned to Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) for a custom website design that not only appealed to customers, but attracted them to the site and provided them with all necessary information. As part of a search engine marketing campaign for Tanner Industries, DDA would not only design and develop a unique website, but through keyword-rich copywriting, this website would be search engine optimized in order to reach customers on the first page of Google and direct them to the site for more information.


Dynamic Digital Advertising utilized its multi-step web design and development process to improve the overall success of Tanner Industries. Starting with keyword research, DDA determined the most relevant search terms and how many times per month, on average, they were being searched. DDA copywriters based the content on these researched words and used them in phrases, headers, static page structure, optimized internal linkage, etc. DDA developed a site architecture plan that mirrored actual search patterns and provided an intuitive user experience, all based on the client’s established goals and the level of online competition for keyword search terms.

DDA developed an original website design that was not only attractive and interesting, but also relevant to the company and what the visitor would be looking for. All designs and content were posted online by DDA at a development site for the client to review and approve.



DDA was able to create a website that embodied Tanner’s rich family history and their commitment to quality products with keyword-rich content development and attention-grabbing graphic design that boosted their already impressive corporate identity.